• Define workplace bullying
  • Identify types of workplace bullying
  • Distinguish the differences between a bully, bad management, and bad manners
  • Identify the challenges related to working with a workplace bully, the impact that bullying can have on an organization, and strategies to minimize bullying behavior
  • Identify methods to protect an organization and employees from workplace bullying
  • Identify ways to help workplace bullies

Questions Covered

Bullying behavior is often considered to be related to the antics of developing children.  However, the same or similar behavior is experienced in many offices, too.  Workplace bullying is an issue with great significance that isn't discussed enough, impacts productivity in offices around the world, and can lead to emotional or psychological damage.  This session addresses: the types of workplace bullying; reasons individuals bully; differences between a bully, a bad manager, and someone who has bad manners; strategies to help workplace bullies.

Course Description

Workplace bullying is used to dominate by the use of power, influence, and control.  This type of behavior can lead to short-term gains, but can also create long-term consequences.

Learn about workplace bullying and its negative impact on individuals and organizations.

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Learning Objectives​

Course Description

Workplace Bullying: It Doesn't Lead to Healthy Work Environments

  • Is workplace bullying similar to bullying in schools?
  • Do workers have legal protection from bullying?
  • What types of workplace bullying are used?
  • Is workplace bullying an effective leadership tool?
  • What organizational or legal issues are associated with workplace bullying?
  • What can and/or should be done if workplace bullying is witnessed?
  • What assistance can be provided to help a workplace bully?
  • Entry
  • Mid-Level
  • Executive

Target Audience

Course Summary