Your presentation, Belief: A Powerful Component of Success was a unique topic and very engaging for our students.  We were lucky to have someone with your experience share success strategies as well as provide meaningful ways for our students to find motivation in the challenges they might be facing throughout their college experiences.

--- A. Morley, Student Life Specialist, Northern Virginia Community College

I have known Stacey for over 20 years and have always found him to be the consummate professional.  Taking charge of any situation, showing great initiative.  The love and excitement for what he does shows in his quality of his work product.  His ability to call on his personal experiences as well as other influential resources is uncanny.

--- A. Langham, Human Resources, Director, National League of Cities

Mr. Young's presentation "Confronted with an Ethical Dilemma: What Will You Do?" received an average session rating of 4.67 out of 5 at the 2016 Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Congress.  (Note: The average session rating across all sessions was 3.9 out of 5 with a standard deviation of .69.)

--- J. Mahoney, PMI Congress Content Coordinator

Your enthusiasm and passion unmatched...  Your teaching style and your ability to convey information with everyone in class was truly amazing.  Your passion inspired me to find my own passions and to pursue what I seek our of life...

--- M. Rivero, Northern Virginia Community College Student

I came into your class wary and nervous that your high energy would mean anxiety for me, and I was right.  But it was your encouragement and willingness to listen to everyone that allowed me to push through and create my greatest college successes so far out of my greatest fears.  I will always appreciate that.

--- C. Sutherland, Northern Virginia Community College Student

I had the joy of interviewing S. L. Young.  Wow!  I enjoyed every minute spent with this fascinating, courageous inspiring light worker.  His energy will lift your spirits and get you moving!

--- L. Jesswein, Host "Real Life with Lisa Jesswein"


...thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and your story with us.  You set the bar so very high for this inaugural event, and you challenged our faculty in a way that is so very needed.  Folks left inspired and ready to create meaningful change in their classrooms...

--- A. Gunder, Instructional Designer, Extended Learning Institute, Northern Virginia Community College

He [S. L. Young] is a caring and compassionate speaker who presents well-planned and timely material.  Sly goes out of his way to connect with his audience on a personal level.  You know instantly that Sly is passionate about the work he does. ... When he shares about a project - whether it be a speech he is writing or an article he is researching - his face lights up with enthusiasm and it is contagious.  You leave feeling inspired. 

--- B. Jannery - Author and Former Journalist / Director, Journalism Program, Department of Communication, George Mason University

The inmates and staff were all very impressed with your class and are looking forward to your Life Skills Class in January. You have helped to educate and inspire the inmates. We really appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time to help the individuals incarcerated at the Detention Facility.

--- Ms. Cane, Program Manager, Arlington County Sherrif's Office

It is crucial that our students, especially the boys, hear from a male role model like yourself.  I believe they were so attentive during your presentation because they could relate to your story. ... They need to know that they can turn it around, just as you have done.

--- C. Bonar, New Directions Alternative High School Program, Arlington County Public Schools

I have used your book (Above Expectations: My Story) as one of the texts for a class I am teaching in Fieldwork in Child Psychology.  My students attend class one day per week, and spend 60 hours over the semester serving as mentors in after school programs for disadvantaged youth.  The course is in partnership with Brooklyn College Community Partnership (  Your book has served as an inspirational guide and motivator for my students.  It has provided them with valuable insight into the minds of the middle and high school students they mentor, the challenges these children face, and the gifts of a caring mentor.  I cannot thank you enough for putting into writing your experiences.

--- Dr. Gardin, Associate Professor at Brooklyn College