***Customized Solutions Available***

Publishing Services

An ability to understand and navigate from a book's idea to creation can be challenging, intimidating, and at times overwhelming.  Authors shouldn't have to toil over a publication process because Beyond SPRH provides services to assist writers.  Beyond SPRH helps authors get published without wasted time, energy, or effort, which allows authors to focus on their creative endeavors and not the delivery process.

* Profile Development - assist with or fully develop author profiles to highlight themselves, their work, or their brand

Cover Creation - create an image that captures a book's message

Manuscript Editing - review a book to identify any potential issue(s) prior to publication

Manuscript Review -  read and provide comments about a book's concepts, clarity, and completeness

Concept Development - support with the development of a book's concept, outline, flow, etc.

​* Professional Letter Writing - assist with the construction of or independently develop professional letter(s)

* Social Media Marketing Assistance - teach users about creating a social media presence or campaign; manage a social media presence or campaign on a user's behalf

Writing Assistance - ghostwrite sections with or an entire book for an author