• How to help individuals who are struggling?
  • What should be done to make positive forward-progress after past challenges?
  • What can be learned from past challenges?
  • Why is it important to move forward as quickly as possible after past challenges?
  • What strategies can be used to overcome rejections, noes, and lack of support?
  • How can past challenges be leveraged to become better?

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Learning Objectives​

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Overcoming Obstacles, Others' Noes, and Self-Doubts

Failure doesn't normally prevent forward-progress; the culprit many times is inaction.

Individuals must make an active choice to move forward.

  • Redefine failure as a positive tool for improvement
  • Identify the components of fear and ways to move beyond these potential barriers
  • Define belief and the reasons it's important
  • Define perseverance and the reasons that it's important
  • Define resilience and the reasons that it's important
  • Identify ways to discover passion(s)

Questions Covered

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  • Mid-Level

Discuss concepts and strategies to make positive forward-progress to achieve success.

Life challenges sometimes make individuals believe that a better outcome or future isn't possible instead of continuing to make positive forward-progress.  By giving-up or delaying taking action, an individual's ability to achieve future success through perseverance and resilience is delayed or worse not achieved at all.  This session provides guidance to make positive changes, identifies ideas to continue to make forward-progress, and encourages individuals to not be afraid to pursue their dreams.

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