• Why is active learning important for individual and organizational growth?
  • Why is collaborative learning important for individuals and organizations?
  • Why is belief and its components important?
  • What are the impacts of not having belief?
  • Why might belief be an effective tool for success?
  • What impact does an organization's self-talk have on its performance?
  • How might a collaborative learning environment impact an individual's or organization's attitude?
  • Define active learning and its importance for individual and organizational growth
  • Understand the benefits of collaborative learning
  • Define belief and the reasons it's important
  • Identify barriers to the development of belief
  • Identify the components of belief and its impact
  • Define self-talk, along with its importance
  • Develop an actionable self-talk
  • Review the importance of an organization's self-talk
  • Discuss collaborative learning and its impact on the development of positive work environments

Course Summary

Course Description

Beyond SPRH, LLC is an innovative, solution-oriented, and dynamic service provider, which delivers customer focused, creative, and quality services without a significant cost investment.  Beyond SPRH helps individuals and organizations maximize output potential.  Beyond SPRH's goal is to deliver quality services with minimal time, effort, and cost with an objective of highly satisfied customers and measurable performance outcomes.

Vision: Become an industry leader that provides cost effective training, publishing, and consulting services that aid in individual and/or organizational development at a reasonable cost.

Mission: Deliver quality, cost effective, and customer focused solutions, which help individuals and organizations to deliver superior performance.

Questions Covered

Organizational performance excellence and success requires a transformation from individual to organizational learning.  This change requires individuals to sometimes alter their “beliefs” and develop their “self-talks” to maximize success across the enterprise.  This session addresses the importance of collaborative development on the achievement of measurable performance outcomes for individuals, organizations, and society.

Target Audience

About Beyond SPRH, LLC

Course Description

Review the importance of collaboration on the achievement of performance excellence and organizational success.

Transforming Individual to Organizational Learning to Maximize Success

Individual learning is important, but organizational learning is essential for performance excellence.

Organizations must develop dynamic cultures that strive on growth across the enterprise.

Learning Objectives​

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  • Mid-Level
  • Executive